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The Challenge

When Moon and Chapel first contacted us the biggest challenge was getting everything organized in the beginning of a business. Having a shop and dealing with all the perks of a retail business was no easy thing to do.

“We're so grateful for Alexa's analytical mind, her knowledge and her intuition.”

Adriana Toma, Owner @Moon+Chapel

What did ETHOS do?

The plan had 4 big steps: 


  1. Operational processes - having a shop with multiple products and things to do we considered this to be one of the first steps to reduce the chaos. Together with the team we created processes for the suppliers, but also internal processes to keep everything numbered and in order. We introduced a management tool but also checked all the data in the administration program. 

  2. Financial processes - growing a business means making decisions every step of the way. Every business owner knows that part of the decision process is looking into financials. We chose to work with smartbill so together with the person in the team that was in charge of the operations looked into all the data logged in, we checked the financial reports so we could eliminate the inefficiency and have everything in order. We also created templates for reports to be sent to the owners weekly or monthly. 

  3. Job description - small businesses don’t have the knowledge or tools of big companies to put things in order in systems so one of the important steps is to create a detailed list for the employees so everyone would know exactly what they have to do, how, when, what they have to report and to whom. We knew that this would eliminate a lot of problems in the team. At the same time, we provided the templates and the know-how of how to do all the tasks in the job description. 

  4. To build an online shop. (Still work in progress)


A lot of time gained, clarity for the team and for the owners were the results to this point.

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