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Bucharest & Brasov




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The Challenge

We have been working together for over 6 years so the challenges in all these years were brought to the table, surpassed, celebrated and then others arised. 


We started in 2016 when the challenges were that the clients didn’t understand the services well, that the employees didn’t understand the client and they didn’t know what to expect in the process of growth. 


We continued throughout the years and in 2021 the challenge was that the company was doing well but wanted more. The owners wanted to reach new areas of the market.

“We appreciate Alexa's objectivity and how she incorporated our feedback and adapted.”

Sorana Leru, Owner @Miso Architects

What did ETHOS do?

In each stage we had different approaches but each time we based all the strategy on owner / team / client interviews.


In 2016 we prioritised the processes inside the organisation and set the base for very good customer service. 

Together with the owners and the team we designed the entire process of the customer.

In 2021 we focused on repositioning the brand in the market, reaching a new target of clients and strengthening the company. 

We started by working with Antz - a company that conducts studies about the culture of hype - so we could get a fresh new image about how the brand MiSo is perceived in the market. In this way we got to reconnect it to the present Zeitgeist. 

After reimagining the brand we worked relentlessly to change the image. 

London Design helped us to redesign the website.

Our Project Team

This is who we worked with to achieve these amazing results.

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