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The Challenge

When we started working with Data Revolt in January 2020 they were an agency with 15 employees and 2 departaments. Following a period of rapid growth and having big plans, DRA was looking for support in operations and also scaling. 


It was a very intense and interesting project as we started working together right before the pandemic started and everything changed for every business.

“Alexa is the perfect blend between power and gentleness. She has helped the company evolve tremendously.”

Bogdan Zaharia, Owner @Data Revolt

What did ETHOS do?

This was a handful project so we had to prioritize and reprioritise continuously. 

Taking into consideration the pandemic, a lot of businesses wanted to go online so the client intake in the first months was big. Therefore, the intake of new employees was also big. 

We prioritized the onboarding processes for both new customers and new employees. 

This meant that the beginning of the journey with Data Revolt for both of the situations was smooth and the induction time was massively reduced. 

After that, we focused on client interviews and gained a lot of insight about the scaling direction. 

We set a strategy and together with the owners we detailed the steps. 

The plan was to transform Data Revolt into a one stop shop for ecommerces and not only. 

The strategy was to grow the agency from 2 departments to a full service agency with 7 departments. 

We created development plans for each one of the departments that included: drawing responsibilities for each person in the team, creating sales plans, setting working processes but also creating career paths for the people in the teams. 

While taking care of the development of new departments we restructured the financial processes and got the chance to set up a new financial department. 

When the company grew big enough we set up a HR department and we worked on objectives and career paths for employees but also community management plans. 

After 2 years of hard work together, Data Revolt was a 60 persons company and grew it’s revenue 5 times.

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