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Our Work

We are always studying and connecting you to the humanity we are living in, to the continuum amazing Zeitgeist and to the emotions and cultural shifts that modulate and transform our world and the business visions.

This is our land of expertise, our talent, our road. Here are some examples of businesses that succeeded under our guidance. 

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MiSo Architects

MiSo is a leading Romanian interior design company. They are creators of nurturing spaces aesthetics and functionalities, offering services nationwide for over 9 years.



Moon & Chapel is a creator of modern everyday rituals and mindful products handcrafted by artists and artisans. The first shop was opened in September 2022.

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Data Revolt

Data Revolt is a data marketing agency that builds strategies for businesses on insights pulled from data, collected through consumer interactions and engagement, to construct propensity about future behavior.

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