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Alexa Dumitru

Founder @Ethos

Who is she?

A business designer, “humanity model enterprises” preacher and founder of @ETHOS, is a millennial wonder “success mind”, who believes and sustains spectacular people, geeks, divas, introverts and hard-workers to match & align their personality and ideas to their business market, style, teams, strategies and goals.


Why did she create Ethos?

She created ETHOS, the human centered design consultancy vision, with a dedicated and obsessive attention to human emotions, culture and the Zeitgeist of the world we are all living in. 

Humanity, Emotions, Innovation, Rigor, Kindness, Science, Ethics, and Success are the fundamental principles of her vision, world and lexic.

Alexa's Thinking

"Today's business cannot be guided by yesterday's strategies; consultants with #okboomer mentality and a practice manual with scale-up strategies based on yesterday’s best practice case studies and analyzing "historical figures" don’t have the solutions and tools for today.  Without the Zeitgeist, without the clear emotion of the present which is given by the expectations and needs of today's people, it no longer holds."

Ethos The Company


Welcome to  ETHOS, an independent consultancy company created by millennial entrepreneurs for third millennium businesses. 

We are a human-centred consultancy company focusing our expertise, methods and great-minds-network on gaining a round, deep and sensitive understanding of “the human” and the new times we all are living in. 

We train continuously our amazing human qualities for business acumen: 

  • Experimental agility

  • Zeitgeist Analysis

  • Leadership EQ

  • Analog & Digital Networking 

  • Lateral Thinking

Believe in good and rigorous work.

Design for humans, not for profit.

Be relevant, consistent, and superior. 

Build trust and emotions into everything you do.

Build your business or profit strategies with “round approach”: algorithmic minds, liberal arts talents, humanities sciences, a wide variety of life experiences, cultures and visions.

The deeper humans we become, the more successful our businesses are.

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